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Why Intrepid chose Radioville

Case Study

Intrepid Travel are a B-Corp-certified and carbon-neutral small group tour operator whose mission is to create positive change through the joy of travel.

Instead of using run of the mill tour guides (holding yellow umbrellas!), Intrepid Travel’s trips are led by ‘local leaders’ who have an intimate knowledge of the area so they’re able to take travelers to more exciting and less touristy places. Part of their ethos is to support local communities by taking travelers to places that benefit from more custom or more awareness.

Intrepid Travel are proud to be the world’s largest purpose-led adventure travel brand. They’re hereto give back to people and the planet – and they’re having a great time doing it!

The context

  • It was the first time Intrepid Travel had advertised in the UK and they chose radio because of its ability to connect with people on an emotional level and because of radio’s strong ROI credentials.
  • The radio activity was to run alongside an ‘out of home’ campaign.

The objective

  • To raise awareness of the Intrepid Travel brand.
  • To increase brand consideration among people looking to travel.
  • To land their new ‘Good Trips Only’ positioning.

The challenge

There’s an increasing number of other small group tour companies entering the UK market. So maintaining their share of voice within this sector is becoming more difficult.

Our approach

  • To build on the ‘Good Trips Only’ positioning by tapping into some of the elements that make a trip good – i.e. seeing beautiful scenery, making new friends and creating great memories. Our script subtly illustrated that a good trip isn’t guaranteed unless you travel with Intrepid.
  • We used an authentic Moroccan music track to add to the sense of adventure and dynamism that a trip with Intrepid Travel brings you.
  • We cast a voice over artist whose tone encapsulated the brand’s identity – i.e. fresh, slightly edgy yet humble.

The outcome

Good results only!

  • 22.5% increase in unprompted brand awareness
  • 13% increase in prompted brand awareness
  • 39% increase in consideration of booking a tour with Intrepid Travel

Listen for yourself!

We’ve really loved working with the Radioville team. We’ve had such a good experience with them. We’ve done two campaigns and the ads worked really well for us. We’ve seen a massive increase in direct traffic and brand recognition so we’re definitely looking forward to working with Radioville for our next campaign.

Morwenna Francis, Head of Marketing, Intrepid Travel

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