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How radio shines a spotlight on the “Wall Crawler”

9th October, 2019

You may have recently seen the beautifully executed TV commercial for Royal London that’s part of their multimedia campaign. It tells a story of determination from the perspective of a child’s toy – a wall crawler.

Not content with its lot in life (i.e. merely crawling down the same bedroom window time and time again) this wall crawler has its sights set on bigger and better things – the tallest skyscraper on the horizon! So, with steely determination, it sets off…and….[spoiler alert!]…goes on to accomplish its mission. A beautiful analogy for Royal London’s determination to help its members achieve financial independence (through pensions, investment, and life insurance).

So, when we were briefed to develop a radio commercial that ‘shines a spotlight’ on the TV, our mission was to create something that would, of course, complement TV, but also stand alone on its own ‘sticky’ feet while at the same time maintaining the same playful charm.

Have a listen to the ad for yourself:


And of course, for context, here is the TV ad::

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