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Why Côte chose Radioville

Case Study

Côte restaurants are the home of modern French dining.

Any restaurant is only as good as its chefs – and Côte’s are second to none. Their highly trained kitchen team apply their knowledge, skill and imagination to preparing every dish, working tirelessly to put a little magic on your plate.

meat comes from responsible farmers in Britain, Ireland and South America and their expert butchery team ensures that every piece is cut, trimmed and prepared in-house, before it even arrives in their kitchens. It’s this attention to quality and consistency that makes Côte steak the best steak.

The context

Côte restaurants were going through an ambitious growth phase with plans to open a significant number of new restaurants within a 12-18 month period.

Radio was used to help raise brand awareness ahead of the new restaurant roll out.

The objective

  • To position Côte as the destination for informally elegant, modern French dining.
  • To increase awareness and consideration of the Côte restaurant brand.
  • To increase the number of customers.

The challenge

  • To stand out in the crowded ‘eating out’ market.
  • To appeal to the more ‘foodie’ segment of the‘eating out’ audience who in the past wouldn’t have considered Cô te as a relevant place to enjoy good food.
  • To build wider brand awareness while at the same time supporting specific restaurants which needed to show a direct/tangible return on their radio ad spend.

Our approach

  • Create one commercial that could run nationally to build wider brand awareness; along with a suite of regional commercials that called out specific towns/cities that had a restaurant we wanted to support.
  • Leverage the appeal of one of Côte’s iconic and classic dishes – their Côte de Bouef – to convey Côte’s passion for and dedication to sourcing, taking care of, preparing and cooking the very best ingredients.
  • Cast a voice actor that was classy and alluring who would resonate strongly with our core and more discerning audience.

The outcome

Some seriously tasty results!

In the regions that ran the commercials, we saw an average increase in covers of 15% (compared to an increase of just 4% in the regions where their restaurants weren’t supported by radio ads).

'Attention to detail' - National

'Attention to detail' - Newcastle

I had no previous experience of radio but they brought me up to speed and showed me what to expect. Their speed of working and energy is really impressive. Radioville aren't stuffy or pretentious and they’re really committed to what they do. They’re just a joy to work with and make it really easy to get the work done.

Kate Dell, Head of Brand, Côte Restaurants

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